Theses, Reports, Writing Guides and ChatGPT Usage

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Theses and Reports

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in Behavioral Security and want to write your thesis or do a lab, seminar or internship in this domain.

For labs and seminars, please refer to our list of courses.

If you already have a topic in mind, please prepare an exposé and forward it to us. Otherwise, check the sites for individual team members and reach out to the one whose research interests align most closely with yours. They might offer further suggestions.

For the exposé, you can use the template provided below. An exposé aims to outline the planned methodology for a (scientific) project. It should detail the research question or subject, provide a concise review of existing literature and current research status, and describe the steps you intend to undertake to address your research question.

For your convenience, we have prepared LaTeX templates for exposés, reports, and theses, available for download below.

Writing guides

Should you encounter any issues while drafting your document, consult our scientific writing guides or the provided template. Alternatively, do not hesitate to seek advice from your supervisor.


Usage of ChatGPT

We recognize the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) as valuable resources in your academic endeavors. They can be utilized to enhance the quality of your reports by rephrasing text or refining figures. There’s no need to declare the use of such tools for aesthetic enhancements.

However, when employing LLMs for content generation, critically evaluate the text’s necessity and relevance. Ensure that the content aligns with your thesis objectives and is not merely filler. Excessive or irrelevant material will negatively impact your evaluation.

If you incorporate content generated by LLMs, disclose this in the methods section or a suitable part of your document. A simple statement such as “Parts of this report were generated using ChatGPT” is adequate; it is not mandatory to specify which sections were machine-generated. You may, however, opt to detail particular prompts or interactions utilized, though the extent of such disclosures is at your discretion.

While we find LLMs to be extraordinarily useful, it’s crucial not to depend on them solely, especially for tasks you find less appealing. Remember, LLMs are supplementary tools and should not substitute the comprehensive process required to produce scholarly work.