SentiBooks: Enhancing Audiobooks via Affective Computing and Smart Light Bulbs


We present SentiBooks, a smartphone application to enhance the audiobook listening experience via affective computing and smart light bulbs. Users can connect to Philips Hue Light Bulbs with a smartphone app while listening to an audiobook. The app analyzes the emotional expression of the narrator of the audiobook using speech emotion recognition and adjusts the colors of the lighting settings according to the expression of the narrator in 10-seconds intervals. By transitioning between colors that are connected to the specific emotion that is currently dominant in the rea

Proceedings of Mensch und Computer 2019
Anna-Marie Ortloff
Anna-Marie Ortloff
Ph.D. Student

I explore research methods in Usable Security and Privacy. If you are interested or just a fellow stats-nerd, drop me an e-mail.