What is the usual coding process in qualitative research?

Supervisor: Anna-Marie (ortloff@cs.uni-bonn.de)

Most qualitative research uses some form of coding of the data during the analysis process. That means that the data, often text, but sometimes also images or videos, are assigned so called codes or labels. They can then be used to identify themes and larger categories of data. The exact process used varies however, as there are many different approaches to qualitative analysis.

Your task

Select recent qualitative papers from CHI and/or SOUPS Answer the following questions: What is the process of coding for these papers? Specifically, how much of the data is coded by at least two coders? How much is coded only by one researcher? How many researchers are involved in the coding process? Are there any methodology papers which are cited as sources for the process? Which ones?

Literature to start with:

McDonald, N., Schoenebeck, S., & Forte, A. (2019). Reliability and inter-rater reliability in qualitative research: Norms and guidelines for CSCW and HCI practice.(CSCW), available here: https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/3359174